Our Vision

Inspired by the core values of the water culture, we proudly deliver:

- Top quality

- Stylish and personalized design

- Custom fit

- Fun and inspiration

to our clients.

Runawave is not simply a brand - it is a whole philosophy for living the life you want and inspiring people to escape from the daily routine and always look for new challenges ahead. It is about the freedom to do what you love; to be different; to search for what makes you happy. 

Being surfers and rafters ourselves, we got tired of the dark colours and unidentifiable wetsuits which so much contradict with the adventurer's soul. We bring colour and fun and point out that everyone is different and can personalize his/her own design. And it is about time to make the wetsuits not only a quality protection for the body but also a fashionable apparel to strengthen your look and appeal into the sea, ocean or river.